We finally relocated our breeding facility to sunny Scottsdale Arizona and we love it here!

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Our goal is to breed the most arabian type Miniature Horse with beautiful head and necks, refinemet, great conformation, exceptional pedigrees, show quality and movement.


I thought I would just let you know that dear little Iris has never been beaten in her class for two years, and she was Champ at the UK Grand Champs again this year – amazing. She is a little star!

I love your filly out of Sha Fawn again and I love your colt Lil Gunner!
With best wishes,


Congratulation to Debra Cody

New and happy owner of 2x Res. Champion Oasis XS Velvet Special Edition, Oasis XS Petite Feather and Oasis XS Medalia Amish Magic.

Oasis XS Irish Dancer now at his new Home with Jill & Presley

Oasis XS Sha Fawns Victory N Velvet arrived in Saudi Arabia in January.