About Oasis

Oasis Miniature Horses was founded in October 2002 after years of fascination of miniature horses.  "Oasis" means source of life, a place of peace and hope, a romantic fairy-tale like 1001 Nights.

The goal of Oasis Miniature Horses is to breed the most Arabian type of miniature horse possible.  We are extremely critical by selecting our breeding stock and we're searching for a very specific type of horse which is not easy to find.

The individual comes first - then the pedigree!

On the following pages we have tried to represent our breeding program as well as our definition of a miniature horse.


About the Owner

Since my very early childhood, horses have escorted me through my life. I was involved with all different kinds of breeds from ponies to thoroughbreds and quarter horses and did almost anything you can do with horses, which included dressage, jumping, and competing in Endurance Races and Western Classes.

Later on I bred and showed Purebred Arabians very successfully, especially with my Arabian mare "Nahemah" - a once-in-a-lifetime horse - and won several Halter Championship Titles and qualified for the German Open Championship in Western Competition.

In 1997, my husband and I moved from Germany to the United States because of his saddle business. He is breeding and showing quarter horses for cutting and reining. How did I end up with Miniature Horses?  I saw the first high quality miniature horses here in the States. I fell in love with them a few years later at a Pleasure Driving Show, held by the North Texas Whip Club.  Two weeks later, I bought my first one and then the "potato chip addiction" began.

I'm very enthusiastic about driving now. I compete at Pleasure Driving Shows, Arena Driving Trials, and Combined Driving Events, as well as showing AMHA and AMHR.

Miniature Horses have enriched my life, they simply make me happy.  If you don't own one yet, don't think twice and get one... you will never regret it.

Marion Maschke

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